This is a wiki in progress, meant to expand and explore on the Ethereal's world in Blood of this Earth, a novel in the making, by Chelsea Harper.

Blood of this EarthEdit

For five volumes, Ayuhan Ethereal has been trapped inside a leather bound book in a war-weary world named Prehzin, where he is locked in desperate battle with his mortal enemy, a feared force known as the Arch Devian. Ayuhan's struggle with his foe, however, can only continue when there is a reader to take part in the story, and when the reader dies, the story stops. Five times before, Ayuhan has failed to protect his keepers in the book, and five times has he failed to defeat Devian.

Five books of failure past and the sixth reader discovers Ayuhan's tome, setting the story once more into motion. His name is Eugene Millard, and of all the readers before him, he is probably the least equipped for adventure and battle. A sheepish coward, Eugene is reluctantly spirited away into the world of Ayuhan's prison, where he meets with the few followers still willing to help Ayuhan in his battle against Devian and his monstrous hoarde, an ever ill ex-combat medic and Ayuhan's advisor, a gentle fellow named Caratacus Ermacorah, as well as his cousin, a strict and terse cook named Brennus Ermacorah who's great skill with a sword is outdone by the skill of his cooking knives. Heading a few companies turned into squadrons that march in Ayuhan's name are leaders like wise and stern Gabranth, who teaches and guides the greenest of the troops, as well as Enjolras, a loquacious and energetic scout, who laughs as much as he blinks, and Aseo, who takes up the burden of recently slain Brutus to lead his troops into battle.

Ayuhan, though, is tired. Five books worth of failure are a heavy weight to carry against Devian whose eloquence compels him ever closer to surrender, and without an epiphany to aid him in his struggle, Ayuhan may face his ultimate defeat. Eugene, however disappointing he is to the war effort, may finally be the one to end Ayuhan's vicious cycle.

Characters Edit

The key characters in Ayuhan's story.

Book VI Edit

Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

Book VEdit

Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

The World of PrehzinEdit

The lands and people of Ayuhan's Prehzin.

The Fleetery Edit

The monsters of Prehzin.


This is a huge work in progress. Expect it to be somewhat kind of fleshed out by the end of this year.

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