A people whose territory is a hidden valley in the northern mountains of Prehzin, the Erraniman folk are best known for their brewed spirits and strange ability to sympathize and "Take" pain and illness. They are gregarious and altrusitic by nature and have difficulty expressing rage, irritation, and jealousy. The Erraniman folk are an eglatarian society whose primary focus is to share and distribute everything equally, a quality that ultimately leads to their demise. To the world of Prehzin, little else is known about them besides the high quality of their brews and the myths surrounding their ability to heal, and they have earned the nickname of "Mediums" ("Society of Mediums") from their seemingly amazing handle on producing spirits.

Erraniman CharactersEdit

  • Caratacus Erraniman Ermacorah
  • Brennus Erraniman Ermacorah