The youngest member of Company VI, Delten Havajiak is the last field medic of the original 10 stationed underneath Gabranth's command during the 6th Book.


Saved from a Fleet attack on a refugee caravan heading to the Last Reach for sanctuary during the 3rd Book, Delten was swept up in the call for fighters and healers at a very young age. Training in medicinal knowledge, surgery, and plant lore started almost as soon as he settled at the Last Reach at the young age of nine. In a group of orphans and revolutionary children, Delten was taught by one of the head medics, Candell, a good friend of Ayuhan Ethereal, where he did well in the study of medicinal herbs and diseases. Somewhat scatterbrained, but well-meaning, he was able to pull himself together in enough situations throughout his stay at the Reach to test his abilities on the field. Unfortunately, Delten recieved little practice before he was thrust into the last battle of the 5th Book. Delten, who had proved himself unable to work under fire at such an early stage of training, was stationed away from the battlefield as a assistant medic in training in Gabranth's rookie squadron, taking in evacuated battle injured soldiers and stabilizing their conditions until a capable physician was able to complete medical care. Up until the 6th Book, he one of the few green leaves who never saw the Ethereal from close up, and relied on tales and rumors to paint his image of the book boy.